Taking care of your physical and mental health is important in order to give you a fulfilled and successful life. Satisfaction with your physical appearance tends to boost your confidence which in turn contributes positively to your mental health. On the other hand, a poor body image can affect your social life as you tend to be self-conscious. This does not contribute positively to your mental health.

Dr. Patrick Briggs, plastic surgeon Perth believes that you stand to gain much more than an enhanced appearance when you go through cosmetic surgery. You will have a better body image, more confidence and a more positive outlook towards life. He performs cosmetic procedures on the face and the body such as the eyelid surgery, breast lift, breast augmentation and the tummy tuck.

When You Need A Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that is performed to increase the size and volume of the breasts. A prosthesis which is referred to as a breast implant is surgically placed in the breasts to make them more firm and to increase their fullness.

Dr. Patrick Briggs, plastic surgeon Perth performs the breast implant surgery on women who have small breasts and would like to have larger breasts. The procedure is also suitable for women whose breasts have lost volume and shape after pregnancy or due to aging. Other women who can benefit from a breast augmentation are those who have uneven breasts, that is, the breasts are not similar in shape, size or placement. A breast defect such as tuberous breasts can be corrected through this procedure.

Planning For A Breast Augmentation

Before Dr. Patrick Briggs, plastic surgeon Perth performs a breast augmentation on a patient, several issues have to be discussed. This is done to help the patient to understand what the procedure is all about and to let the patient know about all the options that are available to her. The type of implant that is to be used and the type of implant placement that will be used have to be discussed.

Other points of discussion are the size of the implant and whether or not a breast lift will be carried out. A breast lift can be combined with the breast augmentation surgery or it can be performed at a later date.

Dr. Patrick Briggs, plastic surgeon Perth takes the time to discuss with patients about what their expectations are from the surgery. The right expectations are important in helping the patient accept the results of the surgery. Issues such as scarring have to be discussed and the recovery process so that the patient is fully aware of what to expect after the surgery.

Medical Preparation Before Surgery

A patient has to quit smoking before the surgery since nicotine in the system can lead to excessive bleeding. You cannot go through the surgery if you are allergic to anesthesia. You should not be pregnant or in the process of breastfeeding if you are to go through the surgery.

Dr. Patrick Briggs, plastic surgeon Perth advises patients to consider a breast augmentation after they are through with childbearing. A pregnancy after a breast augmentation can cause the breasts to droop and you may, therefore, need a breast lift later on. There are however patients who still enjoy the results of a breast enlargement even when they get pregnant after undergoing the procedure.

The Recovery Process

After surgery, the breasts will be swollen for the next couple of weeks. In order to reduce the swelling, Dr. Patrick Briggs, plastic surgeon Perth places drain under the skin of the patient for at least one day. The drains get rid of the excess blood and fluid that accumulates after the surgery. The breasts normally take about two months to settle to a natural position.